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    As the flow of wealth from many nations of tax advantaged, "offshore," jurisdictions continues the need for and profitability of offshore banking services increases virtually day by day. The problem in this picture is that as the demand for offshore banking services has increased the ease of setting an offshore bank has become more difficult throughout most of the "offshore" world. A jurisdiction that has not suffered many of the problems that inhibit other offshore jurisdictions is New Zealand. A New Zealand Offshore Financial Company provides an excellent opportunity to provide offshore banking services and avoid a number of problems that plague other offshore banking jurisdictions USA business fax list.

    The Problem Elsewhere

    For those interested in setting up an offshore banking presence in most, but not all, jurisdictions the bad news is primarily related to the United States Patriot Act enacted after the destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers. An offshore bank is typically not allowed to do business with residents of the jurisdiction in which it is licensed but its license allows it to do business throughout the world. To do so the bank will need correspondent banks in other countries. Banks throughout the world that do business with banks in the USA typically need to satisfy certain criteria based on the Patriot Act.

    Because many banks are not willing to jeopardize their current banking relationships they will often not take on correspondent accounts with new offshore banks. Sometimes there are, in fact, problems with the jurisdiction or the bank involved and sometimes the bank simply does not want to take a risk of being branded by US authorities.
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    Because of this situation some jurisdictions no longer offer offshore banking licenses. Some still do but the problem of getting correspondent banks remains so that it has become very difficult to actually do any banking even if an individual or corporation has obtained a license and set up an offshore banking business.

    The Opportunity in New Zealand

    A New Zealand Offshore Financial Company (NZOFC), also called a New Zealand Offshore Financial Institution (NZOFI) can be set up to provide a whole range of financial services without being called or being a bank. Because there are no capital requirements for setting up a NZOFC such a venture can be entered into at low cost.

    Correspondent Accounts, Shell Banks, and Problems Elsewhere

    A correspondent account is an account established by a domestic banking institution. It receives deposits from and makes payments on behalf of a foreign financial institution. A correspondent account allows foreign banks to conduct business and provide services to their clients without the expense of a physical presence in that country. Typically the larger bank provides deposit and lending services allowing the smaller, usually offshore, bank to experience a lower cost of operation.

    Patriotic Act restrictions prohibit banks from doing business with offshore banks that have no affiliate in the USA. This fact and a number of other restrictions make setting up and running an offshore bank very difficult in this day and age.

    A NZOFC, especially with a New Zealand director, will typically not have problems setting up a working relationship with a registered bank in New Zealand.

    The NZOFC Alternative

    Because of the difficulty in obtaining a banking license and the difficulty, if a license is obtained, of finding a correspondent bank willing to deal with the paperwork many have found a better solution, the NZOFC

    A NZOFC or New Zealand Offshore Financial Corporation is not a bank. A NZOFC will not do business with residents of New Zealand which is typical of offshore companies. However, such a company can do business with persons and corporations from throughout the world.

    Setting up a relationship with a New Zealand bank will allow the NZOFC to operate internationally.

    A NZOFC has no capital requirements. It can take deposits, lend money, offer wire transfer services, and issue credit and debit cards. A NZOFC can provide payment processing services, manage funds, market investments, and deal in a variety of other financial instruments and guarantees.

    New Zealand

    New Zealand is a good and safe place to do business and to do business from. The country is developed, safe, democratic, and pro business.

    New Zealand is an island nation (two islands) east of Australia in the Southern Hemisphere. New Zealand is part of the British Commonwealth. This business friendly nation has always had a democratic government. It is politically stable and functions strictly under the rule of law. This is not a place where the laws change overnight to the detriment of investors.

    New Zealand law provides for banking type services to be offered by a number of business entities including finance companies, building societies, credit unions as well as capitalized and registered banks. A finance company is unique in that it is not subject to capital requirements and is not supervised by the governing authority for banks, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Nevertheless a finance company can offer banking services throughout the world, restricted only in that in cannot offer services to residents of New Zealand.

    New Zealand has a well respected banking system with both Registered Banks and offshore institutions. New Zealand is not on anyone's blacklist for suspected money laundering, etc. Organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD, do not list New Zealand as a tax haven. In fact New Zealand is a member of OECD as well as the World Trade Organization.

    English is the primary language of New Zealand which was a crown colony and is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The majority of law pertaining to financial institutions is based upon English banking law. New Zealand is not a European Union member and not obliged to follow the EU Savings Tax Directive.

    New Zealand is a modern country with first world infrastructure including roads, air transport, telephone, internet, and health services. With broad band internet New Zealand offers no internet related impediments to doing banking business by internet throughout the world. The economy is strong and stable and its professional community functions of a level of competence consistent with the best in the world. Any issues a NZOFC may come up against will be handled professionally and competently with the highest prospects of favorable resolution.


    Besides operating under English banking law New Zealand encourages local investment by offshore entities to provide world wide banking services from this island nation. In order to facilitate the set up of financial companies in New Zealand the country has streamlines is rules and regulations to make the application process and running the actual business "use friendly." The lack of unduly harsh and cumbersome regulations makes setting up a NZOFC efficient and lends toward profitability of an ongoing operation. New Zealand is a good place to do business.

    It is possible to set up a NZOFC and offer identical services to those which a bank would offer. However, the cost of operation of a NZOFC will be substantially less than that of a regular bank in New Zealand starting with the fact that the operation will be subject to no capital requirements. A NZOFC can offer online banking services to clients all over the world. In keeping with its policy of attracting business to New Zealand's shores such a company will have low initial costs and low operating costs compared to a registered bank.