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WOS Reviving Event! Sign Up and Claim $10 Cash Rewards on Worlds of Sports!

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  • WOS Reviving Event! Sign Up and Claim $10 Cash Rewards on Worlds of Sports!

    Worlds of Sports has been shut down for a while and now we're back online! We're giving out freebies to All New Members who signed up and posted the first 100 posts! We'll be giving out $10 free cash voucher! Invite your friends to join the chat and share the fun and claim the rewards together!

    Event Details:
    - For newly registered members only!
    - Sign up and make 100 posts with your friends!
    - Just post your paypal email below and we'll send you the $10 cash voucher after you've reached 100 posts!
    - There is no expiration date, and everyone can participate in this! You're welcome to invite your friends to join this event together!
    - No spam allowed (our monitor team will check your posts)! You're advised to post gradually with good quality content!
    - Also, you might be elected for moderators position in specific sports forum with great rewards in the long run!

    There will be more upcoming events for actively participating members at Worlds of Sports!
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    I like to spend more time playing the League of Legends, especially since I bought ready-made akkaount here gamestore.live/lol-accounts/lvl-30 so it's even more interesting to play)
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      looking for a Larry Bird fan club and way to send an email....any advise