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What sports event would you choose?

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  • What sports event would you choose?

    If you were given a chance to Watch a live sports event, what would it be? And who (player) would you you like to meet and have a chat with in the sports event?
    Personally I'm so inlove with Football and Tennis, but between these two, I'd choose to watch a live Grand slam Tennis match and meet and have a chat with Maria Sharapova. I know there are plenty of players who may be better than her, but I'm a fan for years, so...

    What and who would you choose?

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    Id have to go with lakers and Kobe's final game. That woukd be very emotional abd epic. A witness of a legend is something i dreamed a long time ago.


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      My choice is the NBA matches (especially when playing Chicago Bulls) and Premier League - matches of Celsea and Liverpool. Oh, I forgot tennis tournaments when plays Novak Djokovic - it's real live sports event for enjoyment!


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        I would like to watch the Olympic games in Brazil next year and watch as much sports as possible in there.


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          Will go for the Olympics too since there are lots of sports event there and there are also other nice happenings like production numbers.