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Raonic denies Nadal

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  • Raonic denies Nadal

    I was watching the Indian Wells Quarter final game between Nadal and Raonic. After a good first set, Nadal struggled to break in the second set which eventually went to a tie break. Nadal had three match points he failed to convert and lost the set. Raonic had the pshycolgical advantage and won the match. I was hoping the see the old Nadal, but he is still farm from his best form. Congrats to Raonic.

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    I also watched this interesting Indian Wells Quarter final match, and this was a big surprise! It is obvious that Nadal is not in top form, but ‚Äčall congratulations to Milos Raonic. ‚ÄčThis is definitely his best game so far!!! This guy will quickly break into the top of the WTA list, and will be a great competitor to Navak very soon.