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Carlos Tevez leads Argentina to the semi-finals

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  • Carlos Tevez leads Argentina to the semi-finals

    Argentina won Colombia 5-4(penalties), and will play against Brazil or Paraguay in the semi-finals.it was a fantastic game.the keeper of Colombia was awesome, having prevented his team from many goals especially at the second half.Tevez scored the last penalty of Argentina and leads this team to a great success. Click image for larger version

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    other than the penalty i don't see any other use this man has to the team. when he was suspended the team was still doing well. i believe the talisman Mr. Messi is the one making changes to this team. my two cents


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      tevez is a good player.he played well in this game.Argentina is one of the best national teams worldwide with talented players.there is not only Messi, but Tevez, Aguero, Pastore etc, as well.


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        I would put all the praise back to Aguero and Messi for their outstanding play in this match. as I said before, Teves is not the backbone of this team and he means less other than the experience he carries on board for the team