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MESSI's Weight Drop (linked to over indulgence of pizza)

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  • MESSI's Weight Drop (linked to over indulgence of pizza)

    Well, we've never seen Messi out of shape but his weight loss in the last year was linked to his likeness to pizza. Accordingly he lost weight to become stronger in preparation to Barca's upcoming big fights, especially the most awaited el Clasico. Read on.
    What can you say?

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    Thanks for this great website. I do not agree that his weight loss affects the poorer or better game. ​Messi just wants to raise his form for tomorrow's match against Real Madrid, the popular El Clasico. ​Extreme trainings have certainly contributed to his weight loss, that's all.


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      I agree with you gggagggi We all know how hard the training and workouts for football are. What you're saying might be possible. And about his love for pizza, well that's debatable.


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        I think perhaps I should stop eating so many pizzas! I'm not sure how credible the story is but he does seem strongers.


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          puremagic I think so too. But if messi can do something after eating too many pizza, no problem then. As what other critics have said, He was never out of shape. But if you have noticed, messi seems to have a smaller/more flat stomach than before.