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Skate Without Falling

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  • Skate Without Falling

    Here's my little advice for you when you want to skate. You need to ​bend your knees and this ​will lower your center of gravity, what will affect that you will be more balanced. However, if you lose balance, touch the ground first with your wrist protectors (guards), then with your knee pads, and finally with elbow pads. These guards will minimize the impact of the fall.
    I hope this advice will be helpful when you start skating!

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    That was nice of you to give advices in here.
    I have not tried skating and I do not know someone who is close to me who also tried it. I can see some skating on parks and it looks really dangerous when they are trying to do tricks like skating on top of bars. Those skaters should be aware of these tips.


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      The advice is pretty helpful. Although I haven't done much skating I think having the right gear and getting all the practice in that i can can help me become a much successful skater. So from experience its such a fun activity but hard to find time to partake in it


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        how does a big man like me start skating right now? this will create entertainment to the people in our village, anyway thanks to the advice (different societies).