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''Longboarding'' a form of skateboarding

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  • ''Longboarding'' a form of skateboarding

    has anyone heard about longboard?Basically, it is a kind of skateboard and it is widely spread all over the world.The board, is longer , Click image for larger version

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ID:	15404 wider and faster than skateboard and it constitutes the difference between these two "sports"". the common length is between 84 to 150 centimeters. it is used for downhill racing, slaloms, etc.the common protection includes helmet and gloves.are you familiar with this kind of skateboard?

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    I think I have watched about it already in a local show before. It is usually done on a steep road going down for the speed such as shown in your photo. That makes the sports more exciting for the players most probably.


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      This is a dangerous but fun sport. Any man who had played this sport had suffered a lot of injuries before mastering it.


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        yes,if you are careless you may get injured especially at downhill racing.however, someone can wear additional protection, apart from gloves and helmet.they can wear leathers,knee pads, elbow pads.


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          Yes, I have also heard about this sports already long time before. Both dangerous and fun. Not sure if there are longboarding international competitions already.


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            there are longboarding international competitions.there is a Championship, called ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship at which longboarders vie for the victory.also there are 3 categoriespen for men and women and juniors.


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              Interesting to know about that international competition of longboarding. I wonder if anyone here have watched an actual longboarding competition already.