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Roller Skating or Skateboarding

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  • Roller Skating or Skateboarding

    I've seen a lot of people doing roller skating and skateboarding in the park. If you're to choose to learn between roller skate or skateboard, which one would you prefer to learn? Let's share your opinions on roller skating vs skateboarding.

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    From my point of view, I really think that skateboarding is cooler than roller skating. I would say those who plays skateboard and can perform great tricks are awesomely cool and I think it's a big turn on for the girls. This also means that skateboarding has more tricks to learn and thus more fun compared to roller skating, but it's also more dangerous in performing those difficult tricks though.

    So if I'm allowed to choose either to learn roller skating or skateboarding, my choice would go to - Skateboarding.


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      I have no idea how to skate, but I do rollerskate in the summer. As an old icehockey player it is a great way for me to excersize. I do long rides (up to 40km) which burns around 1100-1300 calories. A great way to burn some fat.
      Next summer I intend to skate to our summer house which is 50km away from where we live.


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        If I were to choose which one I should learn, it would be Skateboarding. I think it's much easier to learn.


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          I have not tried any of those two skating sports. But if ever I will be choosing, I would like to learn roller skating more compared to the skateboarding.


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            I have tried on a skateboard as well as on roller skating I like both and my father is an Expert in this so they had taught me a lot in all areas wherever they can able to teach...