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Penny Skateboard 22 vs 27 Inch

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  • Penny Skateboard 22 vs 27 Inch

    Penny skateboard originated from Australia is just awesome with the clean plastic board instead of the sandy wooden board.

    There are 2 main types of the penny skateboard which comes in 22 inch and the 27 inch version. Which one would you go for if you're to buy the penny skateboard?

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    I would definitely recommend the 27 inch versus the 22 inch penny skateboard. If you're starting to learn or you're a beginner, you can ride, cruise, and control more easily using the 27 inch. 22 inch penny skateboard is mainly for convenient sake where you can carry it around easily.

    Here is a YouTube video on the 22 inch vs the 27 inch penny skateboard with comparisons among them as well as the review for Australia penny skateboard:


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      I found the video very nice although I don't have much technical expertise to comment over this point.


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        Very interesting video!

        The only experience I have with skateboarding is falling flat on my face!

        I am always very impressed by skateboarders when they're doing their tricks.

        By the way, do we consider skateboarders "athletes?" No way right?


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          is there anyone ready to teach me how to be a skateboarder please send me a step by step demo


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            In my opinion 27 inches versus are better (especially for first-time buyers skateboard​). Long skateboards enable safer driving and larger radius turns.​ 22 inches skateboard​ is good for amateurs and the kids, but ​if you are experienced you can also perform stunts with this skateboard.


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              the shorter the board is , the much fun it is, its fun to control the 22 inch but definitely not for starters