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''Flow riding'' a wonderful sport!!!!!

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  • ''Flow riding'' a wonderful sport!!!!!

    Flowriding or flowboarding is a sport based on surfing.it is mostly-known in North America, where some events and competitions take place.this is a sport, at which the athlete surfing in a pool with artificial waves(sheet waves). the pool is only three inch deep.nice king of surfing indeed!!!!!!!!do you know about this sport?see the picture below: Click image for larger version

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    Yes, flowboarding is a beautiful sport, like all other water sports. I saw this sport on TV, and it is a great replacement for real surfing in areas without sea. Well, the pool is not like a sea, but it works!!!


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      I think it is my firs time to read that flowboarding is a sport. Are there international competitions for it already? I do not think that flowriding is also famous in our place.


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        there is an organization the Flowboarding Leaque of the world.(FLOW). it conducts competitions at various places in North America which are different each time.


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          I am not familiar with this sports and I will be willing to try this one if ever there is one here since it is only 3 inches deep. :P