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  • Ping Pong racket

    Ping Pong racket (also called a table tennis racket, "paddle" or a "bat") is an indispensable part ​of equipment used in Ping Pong. ​It is usually made from laminated wood covered with a specific rubber (on one or both sides). ​One side is usually red and the other is black (or blue).

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    Do you know any other useful information related to Ping Pong racket? If you know, share with us!

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    I still keep the ping pong racket I have used before. I just know that the blade of the racket should be flat and rounded.


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      yes, of course. thanks

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    I think ping pong racket are made of laminated wood and I have not seen a plastic racket. It has layers for its top/face part and like what have been said, there are two different colors on it mostly black and red.