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  • Ping pong tables

    I'm planning to purchase some ping pong tables to our sports auditorium, but doesn't really understand the differences (except of course the differences in the prices). Could somebody here enlighten me a bit about which things I need to consider and compare before I buy anything. I appreciate all help!
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    I am a coach in a university here in Africa, it is very expensive to get the standard table but gess what we bought some timber and made them localy and its working pretty well


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      I've bought ping pong table before, it is a double half foldable tables with clamp and net as the table accessories. It costs about usd 200 for the table and it is definitely worth it. You should able to get a decent one with price around that.


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        If no large budget, try buying table one by one or one piece at a time. Or buy from second hand sports store if ever that exists in your area and it will be okay for you to buy used ones.
        I agree that better to invest in tables since those can lasts long and be very worth it.