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    Ant tone u Antman333 10 points created 4 days ago Can touch. Visited friends recently who smoke 24/7 and the place was trashed and they are obviously just used to it now. I've left most of my weed smoking friends behind and I haven't been told by any of them. everyone I know who smokes weed is unrealisable and flakey. you no longer need see it till you stop and when you do it's obvious. Weed numbs everything and creates a false sense of security by ukraine wife tricking your brain things are all ok when clearly it's falling apart. It's strange to see how people can think it's so normal now to smoke with it being legalised in some parts. this is usually a link to what I believe is there current stockiestAnd the protein pancakes where from go vita in Westfield Doncaster $13.50 they sound expensive at first but you will actually get the 30 pancakes and were 2.5 carbs per serve which can be three pancakes. Eventually the main topics my age comes up and most people peg me mid late twenties early thirties. They are shocked just after they learn I'm 43. Clearly taken back I notice a modification of their whole outlook on me. it usually comes back around and returns to normal. Age is indeed a number. i really don't feel 43, Mentally I feel younger then I did five often. I don't even relate to people my age much anymore. towards the all gotten married, separated, kids, Etc etc etc and I'm still single and taking advantage of my life. Just quite a lot. I'd happily knock my age back and keep it at a more sensible regarding it was legal to do so. Yickus 14 points presented 27 days ago The part on low effort being source. It isn the thing is physical attraction. main A/B tests I worked on asked people to rate profiles and biographies. appeal made empty profiles higher than average people with well thought profiles. So excuse me when I call bullshit when I hear people pander the idea that messages matter.