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interesting museum!!

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  • interesting museum!!

    i have heard interesting news and i want to share with you.it is a well-known fact that the legend of boxing Muhammad Ali was born and grew up in Louisville,Kentucky.his house will be refurbished and will operate as a museum.the fans of Ali are doing to pay the cost of renovation.the goal is to attract Click image for larger version

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ID:	16501 many people, tourists in order to admire the house of the legend.

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    That is really a good news for the Ali fans and also for those who are fans of the boxing sports. Nice idea of renovating the house into a museum.


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      Wow this could be a good tourist spot.


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        Thats what hard works can do. Making a name and a good ivestmwnt aomehow. You dont perform but you still have the chance to earn something from the memories you have shared


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          Wonder of pacquiao amd mayweather coukd have this also in the future.


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            it is a good way to attract tourists who want to admire the museum. also it will be a significant income for the city apart from publicity and fame.it will be for posterity!!!Pasquiao and Mayweather are not legends, men.Ali was a legend in this sport!!!but in the future, who knows......


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              That will be attracting tourists in that area especially those who are Muhammad Ali fans. It could open for more businesses too around that place.


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                I think it is a great idea and I do like going to the museums. That house will soon be filled with boxer fans and museum goers.