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Which Do You Prefer, Jogging or Running?

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  • Which Do You Prefer, Jogging or Running?

    There are some who enjoy jogging more especially in the morning for their daily workout routine. While some would want running. I personally prefer running cause it is fast paced and I could be on more places on shorter period of time if I would be running around.
    Which one do you prefer, to jog or to run for exercise?

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    I prefer both
    I like to jog, because I'm used not just to sit around and I must do something so than I go to jog. But when I want to achieve something, for example lose weight or build some physical condition, than I want to go and run. So this two things are similar the difference is only in what you want to achieve with it.


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      personally i prefer jogging.i believe that it is a useful exercise especially from the heart.Also jogging half an hour a day invigorates the body and the spirit.


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        Jogging is better for me. It is a well controlled form of exercise and it does not tire me that fast compared to running. With jogging you get to control your pace in such a way that you would last longer and I think that is the more effective exercise between the two.


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          I also prefer both although it seems that running can make my heart beat faster.
          Jogging can be done for longer hours since it is not easily tiring compared to running. Both can be a good way to exercise and enjoy the outdoor.


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            I do jogging sometimes too especially if I will be doing it with friends. They prefer jogging more than running since it is not that tiring easily and we can chat while jogging as well.