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Does hiking downhill can build muscle?

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  • Does hiking downhill can build muscle?

    Although many people think that walking downhill is easy, it places high demands on our muscles. Downhill hiking utilizes numerous muscle, including: hip rotators, hip flexors, abdominal muscles and ​calf muscles. Also, you have to use your quadriceps to extend the knees and flex ​your hips. In addition, you use your hamstrings to extend your hips during downhill walking.
    Just hike downhill about ​one hour, and you ​will be convinced that it really affects your muscles!

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    Hiking or even just walking whether uphill or downhill can both affect or have effect to the body. It is a form of exercise so possible that muscle can be built especially in the lower part.


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      I think you should first do the up hill then come down to have the effect of resisting and forcing. once you experience the use of force power to get up the hill so when coming down you will fill the resistance coz the gravity is pressing you down and if you let go you will roll down the hill so it makes you use the muscles on your legs and hence become fit.


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        well i feel downhill hiking is more stressfull and it can lead to more muscle buildup................uphill hiking is a bit more comfortable


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          It is possible to build muscles on that downhill hiking. As it is a form of exercise too and walking downhill will put pressure in your lower body especially if it is really steep.