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best women handball team?

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  • best women handball team?

    i am new to handball and i want to know more about the game, which is the best women's team so far?

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    marvo Handball is very popular n Europe. Best teams are in Europe and they compete in a Euroepean Champion League.
    In fact, I am right now watching a game from that competition. Vardar of Macedonia are playing Leipzig of Germany.
    Vardar, Buducnost, Larvik, Leipzig, Thuringer, Gyor are among the favourites to win the league.


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      The winner will be known at the final four to be held in Budapest, Hungary.
      They are still in a group stage. Not very clear as to which teams will go through as there is very good quality in all teams. Buducnost are very strong, Vardar have a lot of potential but are not showing too much. Larvik have always been at the top of women's handball, so anything is possible.


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        marvo You can find all of the information you need here http://www.ehfcl.com/

        this is the website of the champions league of europe


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          The best women's handball team will soon be known. The final four tournament of the Women's EHF Champions League will be known on May 10.
          The best 4 teams so far will play for the title in Budapest. These are the semis:
          Buducnost - Vardar
          Larvik - Dinamo Sinara

          My opinion is whoever wins between Buducnost and Vardar will win the F4 tournament.


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            Buducnost and Gyor were dominant during the group stages,
            I think Buducnost beat Vardar twice, but then Vardar showed they recovered from some bad games and beat Gyor on the road to the F4. I also think one of those two teams will give us the new champion.


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              I am also new in knowing the sports of handball and nice to know that there were women's division tournament being held last May.


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                Have not heard of a women's team that excel on this sports, mainly because it is not a popular sports here.