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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the lovely, Shawn Johnson? She is gorgeous, and incredibly talented. She has been one my "athletic crushes" for many years. Love her! Anyone agree or know of her? She looks really young in 2008 (because, well, she was!). But she is older & more mature looking now.
    Here's a link to one of routines while she was an Olympian:
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    Shawn was pretty awesome at her olympic games. I enjoyed her routines and she has a good olympics resume now forever. As for mine i'd have to go opposite but still similar
    Nastia Liukin is my favorite olympian she was always competitive and did earn her medals at the summer games too. Definitely supported of her talents and her gym work too


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      Shawn is not only a good sportswoman but also a beauty to the eye, she is so dazzling to watch, she moves so swiftly in the air making it look so simple.


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        Yes she certainly knew how to take command when it came to her signature exercise that she excelled well at the olympic games. good for her retire on top and go to school for her education.


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          I am not familiar with her but right that she is pretty and very talented. She moves like it was not that hard to do those tricks in such parallel space.