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Artistic Gymnastics

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  • Artistic Gymnastics

    Artistic gymnastics is one of the oldest Olympic sports, and it is mentioned in the ancient Olympics for the first time. ​In 1881, it is founded the International Gymnastics Federation, and initially it included only a few European Member States. Artistic gymnastics is a competition for men and women, in team or individual competition. It combines the skills and abilities such as: coordination, agility, flexibility, strength and speed.

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    I really enjoy watching artistic gymnastics since it is really entertaining and amazing. The techniques, strength and the skills of a gymnast can really show in these kind of competitions both for men and women.


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      Gymnastics in general is an entertaining event whereby you get to see people do something's that are unimaginable. I like watching the skills the techniques the professionals do have


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        Of course, I also enjoy watching artistic gymnastics, especially when women compete.​ The gymnasts from Russia and China are my favorite athletes.​ They possess many skills and techniques, which distinguishes them from others in the artistic gymnastics.


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          It is the flat form performance event in gymnastics competitions right?
          I also enjoy watching this and I like it when they are using props like ribbons when performing for the women events.