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My ab exercise

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  • My ab exercise

    Since people here are asking for workout advice I thought why not put my own exercise for everyone to see.
    I go to the gym 5-6 times a week which 4-5 contain an ab exercise. I try to do two different sets and change them every second time so my muscles wont get used to one set.

    1st set:
    2x25 sit ups
    2x25 sit ups legs held high, knees bent 90degrees
    4x8 dragonflags
    4x20 sides with 25kg weight
    1min 50secs plank
    50 secs side plank/side

    2nd set:
    2x25 oblique abs
    2x25 leg raises (lower abs)
    4x8 dragonflags
    4x10 power wheels
    1min 50 secs plank
    50secs side plank/side

    Friday and sunday are days off and I also give my abs rest usually on tuesday.

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    Ukkonen, thanks for the advice, but ​I still think that this is too hard for beginners. 2x25 sit ups is okay for professional​s, but 2x15 is quite enough. Also, 2x15 sit ups legs held high instead of 2x25.


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      Yes ofcourse beginners should do less reps. Also dragonflags are not suitable for beginners, what you should do instead is leg raises and lift your hip from ground in the end.