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Do you know what are the main features of the Line dance?

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  • Do you know what are the main features of the Line dance?

    A line dance is a dance characterized by a repeated sequence of movements. Actually, this is a kind of choreographed dance.Group of people (both men and women) dances in rows or lines, and during the dance they move in the same direction or they are facing ​​toward each other.
    I found out this dance on television recently, and it is a very attractive dance. Here are the photos!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Line-Dancing-Guests-42.jpg
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Name:	line-dancers-1.jpg
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    Yes the first picture is nice here in my place we dance line during horse festival we wear cowboy attire.


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      Line dance started way back 1970's in 1980 Jimmie Ruth White from Texas performed the dance it is sometimes called square dance today.Now I know why sometimes my friends call the line dance square dance when we performed it during horse fiesta here in my place.


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        Do you dance line dance too?


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          There seem to be variations of this dance and it can really be so fun to do. Just by the name of the dance, I can say that its main feature is that being/dancing in a "line".


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            the steps is that you are forming square shape that's why sometimes called square dance


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              I missed dancing line dance already but not until October where in fiesta begins


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                Have to prepare my boots and cowboy hat for the dance