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A Useful Guide to Increase the Lifespan of Your Cricket Bat Equipment

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  • A Useful Guide to Increase the Lifespan of Your Cricket Bat Equipment

    If you are a cricket lover and play cricket regularly, you know the value of your cricket bat. You will surely be conscious to know all the things that may increase the lifespan of your cricket bat. Here, I am going to discuss some important tips which can help you to improve your cricket bat performance. These tips include:

    1. Oiling with Specialized Bat Oil or Linseed Oil
    Oiling helps in softening the bats fibres and maintain knitting bond among those fibres. This bonding encourages your bat to endure high speed hit and the impact of the cricket ball. There is no any chance of cracking or splitting as the application of oiling preserve required moisture levels within the bat.

    2. Beat the New Bat by Using Mallet (Knocking-in)
    Beating the newly purchased bat with a mallet is is also known as Knocking-in method. Hit your new bat with a mallet so as to generate a dent in the middle of your bat. It will help you to harden your new bat. Pay a great attention while knocking-in as a too strong hit may result into a crack in your bat.

    3. Timely Maintenance
    To keep your cricket bat in good condition forever, you need to do proper maintenance of your bat over time. Regularly apply linseed oil onto your bat after 5-6 weeks. After playing cricket, place your bat in a cool and dry location as we know the heat and humidity leads to drying out the bat.
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