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Cricket Equipments in Rural Area in Bangladesh

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  • Cricket Equipments in Rural Area in Bangladesh

    Cricket is the number one popular game in Bangladesh (BD). Almost all the ages of men and women like to watch, play and talk about cricket in BD during the World Cup.

    The most interesting thing is, the rural area got the same popularity as the city. The school going boys and girls use the branches of trees specially the Coconut trees to make their Cricket Bat!
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    Yes! Low grade tennis balls are available in the rural areas. The young stars use those to bowl I played with those in my early childhood !


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      Very interesting, cricket bat made of the branches of the Coconut trees! It does not matter whether the cricket bats are hand-made or ‚Äčprofessional - ‚Äčthe most important thing is that the children in Bangladesh are interested in this sport.


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        it is a fun sport played by few, I wish it would be a school based sports here in Kenya, you would have seen many supper stars.


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          hello kirui am sure you can do something as an individual all great people tend to create a difference on the their own


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            Reminds me of a friend before who is from Bangladesh. He told us some information about cricket as we are not that familiar with this sports.