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The use of a chess clock

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  • The use of a chess clock

    During the game, each player (after his move) stops his clock and start the opponent's clock.The player must stop his clock with the same hand which made his move.​It is forbidden to keep the finger on the button.​ Also forbidden to strike the clock strongly, raise it or bring down.
    I have used a chess clock in one tournament for the first time, and ​it is a very interesting experience. ​Since then, I prefer to play chess for 15 minutes.Have you ever used a chess clock?

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    No disrespect to the sport or those playing it, but I have always found more amusement in watching them hit the clock, rather than watch them play.
    The clock is probably getting beaten as much as a football.


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      "Gjole" ​this is a very interesting remark from you. Chess players are often very excited during the game of chess, and they start to beat clock too briskly.Fortunately clock does not feel pain.
      In any case, a chess clock contributes to faster and an exciting game.


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        Chess is a very fun game to play, but it's a bit slow for many people. It's easy to see why some might find it boring!


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          I have not used it since I have not competed in any chess tournaments. I think the clock makes the game more intense or give stress to the players since they need to think fast and make their move. Interesting to watch a game in which players are fast on tapping the clock.