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History of chess and its first appearance

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  • History of chess and its first appearance

    There are no reliable data on its creation, but it is likely that chess appeared 2,000 years ago. ​During the archaeological excavations in Uzbekistan, there were found two figurines of ivory that belong to the reign of emperor Huvishka (II century).Experts believe that these are the chess pieces. ​In the fifth century, a special kind of war games on a wooden board - "caturanga" was created in India. It is a distant ancestor of today's chess game, and this game reflected the composition and order of the Indian army. ​It consisted of four families: infantry, cavalry, elephants and chariots, and in the middle were located Rajah (king) and his advisor Mantra (the present Queen).​ The movement has been determined by throwing dice.
    The Persians had accepted this game in the sixth century. The game received great popularity and spread over European countries. French King Louis IX issued a special edict that banned the playing of chess in 1254.​In Europe, chess is improved by introducing castling and by increasing the effects of the queen and the hunter.
    I found these interesting facts about chess, and if you know anything more about the origin of chess feel free to write here! Click image for larger version

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    Nice to know all those things about chess.
    I used to think that chess was created on a country with royalties or royal rankings because of the chess pieces. Most probably it was inspired with real roles in a kingdom like the king piece that needed to be protected cause once the king is defeated, it will be a lost already.