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MLB playoff format is broken

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  • MLB playoff format is broken

    I absolutely love playoff baseball.

    But I have an issue with the first round of the playoffs - why is it only 5 games instead of 7? This gives such an advantage to teams that are top-heavy on their pitching rotation. They can use their #1 and #2 guys twice in the same series.

    And with a sport like baseball I believe the full seven games are needed to determine which team is truly better.

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    While I agree with that, I think the one-game playoff for the wild card (game #163) is even worse! A one-game playoff for baseball seems silly, because like you said, it all comes down to the teams' best two pitchers. So much can happen in the course of 9-innings that I don't think a playoff series can be decided that quickly.


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      For some reason I am not a fan of the 1 game playoff. While it does add some drama I don't think its necessary. But I guess the league sees fit that this has to be done for now until they feel its necessary to adjust the playoff system which I think 7 games should be done in all series as well in order to showcase who can manage their team the best through a 7 game series in every playoff round because you deserve to be champion if thats the case


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        You all bring up some great points. I have played baseball for many years, and still question some of the things that happen within the MLB. The 1 game wildcard, kind of drives me crazy. As well as the 5 games in the 1st round of playoffs, and then 7 in the final round. The only thing that I can think of is that maybe they do not want to play baseball even deeper into October/November?


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          You're totally right! But shouldn't they reduce the regualr season games then? 162 games is so many, that it's hard to get into the games early in the season, because they really don't mean much.

          I think if they reduce the length of regular season, they would be able to extend the playoffs. Because you're right, if we start seeing baseball in November when it's snowing, that would be absurd!

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        I am a fan of the one game seeding. Truth be told, there are only about 4 teams left at the end of a season that have a legitimate shot at the World Series. Baseball is unique that way. That long season really weeds out the pretenders.

        I actually remember when it was American v National. One team seeded from each league. Cleveland won 106 one year and didn't go to the playoffs.Expanded playoffs would have to mean a shorter season. Back to 154? Or 148? I'd be good with that.


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          I definitely agree with bigtom13

          The shorter season adds more meaning to each game, and we could add more exciting playoff baseball games.

          OF course this will never happen, because less games means less revenue for the owners. And that is NOT in their plans!


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            To add to this discussion. Do you all think that the Emphasis on the All Star Game and this home field advantage that comes with the win be dealt away? I really don't know if it's honestly made a difference to how the playoffs is determined by. I'd have to have your opinions before i put mine in


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              I like that the all star game means something. It's probably as good a way as any to grant home field advantage in the World Series.


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                For me I think the Home field advantage situation really helps make the all star game that much more important and the players I think play harder because of that. At least there's been a winner in most of the All star games except with that dreaded tie in Milwaukee that was something though but yeah I agree with even though it does add importance it brings the best out of the players that are chosen to partake in the all star game