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Cubs hire Manny Ramirez as a hitting consultant

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  • Cubs hire Manny Ramirez as a hitting consultant

    . (AP)
    The Chicago Cubs have hired Manny Ramirez after his successful time as a Triple A consultant for hitting in Chicago. After all the Scrutiny that Many went through to get to where he has at. I want to know if he should be forgiven for his involvement in the PED scandal because I think it's been time enough that he can and will be successful in the field as a coach and give his expertise on how to to get better and I think the cubs will benefit from his expertise this season and become a great team


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    Very funny moment in the world of baseball. Manny Ramirez is a great baseball​ player, but this can happen to anyone.
    Thank you so much for this video, he made me laugh.


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      Indeed Manny can definitely entertain anyone no matter what. I think he's done his part to clean up his image and now he can focus on helping the up in comers on the Cubs to become contenders on this upcoming year of baseball