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MLB Changing the Strike Zone?

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  • MLB Changing the Strike Zone?

    MLB has considering making a change to the strike zone by and changing whether umpires can call strikes in a certain area or not.

    For me i'd like to see this change because I want them to be more consistent and more clear cut instead of having those boundary calls change the game.
    It would certainly make the game more competitive and more acceptable on both sides. What do you think of the possible changes?

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    I think this is very interesting. I sort of don't like the change. Why? Because, I'm used to it the way it's always been. Strike zone is knees to shoulders. The lower pitches are harder to hit, and often hard to judge (whether a ball or a strike), but that's what makes the game fun! It's sort of a mind game.


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      Exactly I feel as though it was fine the way it was but they're suggesting a change so we'll see what happens. it'll be interesting to see if its implemented in spring training. Since i guess umpire calls are sometimes second guessed so i guess they had to make an adjustment to the rule.


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        I am not so knowledgeable in this sports and I think if the changes will make the sports better, why not. But if this will just add complication and not necessary, better to stick to the old one.