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MLB To Change Pace of Play- What are your Thoughts

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  • MLB To Change Pace of Play- What are your Thoughts


    The MLB Committee has approved changes for the upcoming season in order to speed up the pace of play in baseball

    One Change includes Managers must make instant replay challenges from the dugout, rather than the field

    Here are the list of other changes based on the report from foxsports:
    ● Hitters must keep one foot in the batter’s box between pitches, unless an established exception occurs. It’s not clear how many exceptions will exist, but during a trial run in the 2014 Arizona Fall League, those conditions included foul balls, foul tips, time being granted by the umpire, and wild pitches.
    ● Play will resume promptly once television broadcasts return from commercial breaks.
    ● Timed pitching changes.

    Wanted to get your all opinions on how it will affect your perception of the game now
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    I'm sure this will be helpful and make the pace of game quicker because the teams will get a chance to adjust early during spring training with these new rules. I'm sure we'll get to see it in action once the spring training gets underway


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      Very interesting! I normally follow baseball pretty closely, but haven't been lately. I was unaware that they were actually going to try implementing these changes. I think it will be very interesting to see how they will go over once they are being used in the MLB.


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        Indeed its definitely a good time to start following again especially with players joining different teams and seeing how each team can perform and improve upon the previous season where they finished. I just think there will be some surprises this season compared to last because of the improved competition.


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          Baseball I think is headed in the right direction with implementing these changes. These are meant to help the game and I think they will create the right effect that both Commissioner Manfred and the MLB association are looking towards attracting more audiences and creating a faster game