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Yonex Mavis Plastic Nylon Shuttlecock - Which is the best

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  • Yonex Mavis Plastic Nylon Shuttlecock - Which is the best

    Well, I came across searching for plastic and nylon shuttlecock as the normal shuttlecock is expensive and not that durable (we normally used up around 4-5 shuttlecocks within an hour).

    The most popular among the plastic shuttlecocks is definitely the Yonex Mavis nylon shuttlecock. I've seen the Carlton T-800 as well but I decided to go for the Yonex brand as it is a more well-known brand. There are several models or different types of Yonex Mavis such as the Yonex Mavis 2000, Mavis 500, Mavis 300, Mavis 350, Mavis 370, Mavis 10, etc.

    I'm buying each of the different Mavis types to try out which one works the best (will try out soon in a few days time). I've heard from other badminton players that Mavis 2000 is one of the best one vs all other variations. If you have tried out any plastic shuttlecock or nylon shuttlecock, which brand and which type do you think is the best in terms of durability, consistency, speed, and is the most similar to the original feather shuttlecocks?

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    Yonex is really one of the most popular shuttlecock brands. We have used that too before when we are in school playing. There are very cheap plastic shuttlecocks here with no brand and those are not that good, just for recreational badminton.