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Is Tom Brady the greatest player ever?

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  • Is Tom Brady the greatest player ever?

    With the New England Patriots winning the last Super Bowl, is there any doubt now that Tom Brady is the best NFL player ever?

    He does not have the most championships, or every single record, or a perfect record in the Super Bowl, true, but overall, does anyone surpass him? And he's not done yet - by the time he retires, who knows how crazy his career accomplishments will be.

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    Is he a good player? Yes. Is he the best NFL player EVER? No.
    It's really hard to say who the best NFL player ever was/has been/is. There are so many different things to look at and factor in to making such a statement. It's easier to break them down into categories (QB, RB, TE, etc)


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      Would you say he is the best QB ever then, RaymieTom? The other candidates I can think of are Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas.