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More Controversy Over The Patriots, Will It Ever Stop?

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  • More Controversy Over The Patriots, Will It Ever Stop?

    Here we go again, more controversy surrounding the Patriots and more to the story of the flat balls. I don't think there is an end in sight...
    A locker-room attendant for the Patriots tried to introduce an unapproved special teams football into last month's AFC Championship Game, four sources familiar with the investigation told Outside The Lines.

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    The controversy over the Patriots won't stop, until they stop cheating! It's that plain and simple.
    Also, they are clearly great role models for young children. If you cheat, even if you're caught, you can still do great things with little to no repercussions. #sarcasm


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      There's never a sport without some sort of controversy and with the Patriots it seems like it won't go away. But I think once the next big story comes around this will all be forgotten until the fall when football returns.


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        I wonder how these stories will affect the Patriots' legacy in the long term. A lot of people are quite mad at them but others say it's not a big deal. It'll be interesting if further controversies keep popping up, too.


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          I'm sure there will be other controversies as the year goes on. I mean the new season is already being preparing with the new athletes coming out of college and trying out for the NFL in preparation for the Draft in Late April and Early May


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            I hope there isn't more controversy. I'd rather think the winner won fair and square. I'm not saying the Patriots definitely did not cheat, just that it would make everyone feel better to know the competition was legitimate.


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              I would definitely rather have the team win fair and square. I hate controversy in sports, however it is unavoidable which stinks. However, there's nothing that can be done and it's just the way it goes. In the end, the ruling can't be overturned and the Patriots won the game.