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Check out this Eli Manning Interactive Stats Dashboard

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  • Check out this Eli Manning Interactive Stats Dashboard

    Hey guys
    Since i noticed some people here debating some aspects of Eli’s performance, I thought I’d share this. A Giants fan used a free web program to make an interactive dashboard of Eli Manning’s performance over the past 5 seasons. With the dashboard, you can restrict the stats to certain teams or time periods, see all of the breakdowns in graphical form, and compare Eli’s performance to the performance of the team as a whole.

    The one interesting trend I found is that Manning plays pretty well against Dallas consistently. More than half of the 10 matchups have been 300+ yard passing multiple TD games. What’s interesting is that many of these come during losses. When Manning plays poorly, the Giants beat the Cowboys. While a Giants fan might find this frustrating, a fantasy owner would certainly find this info useful. What do you guys think?