In the last 5 years, Kobe Bryant proved he can win rings without SHAQ. He was issued that he can’t carry a team, that he was just going for individual accolades and not a team player but Kobe proved them wrong.

Kobe is known for being criticized and being questioned for something and he loves it. He loves proving people wrong. Haters gonna hate, but every single issue that he has encountered, Kobe had surpassed it. Starting from the comparison with Michael Jordan, that he was just a sidekick to Shaq, that he can’t win rings by himself, he even had an off the court issue raping a girl in Colorado but all of those, Kobe just got stronger and more matured. He was even chosen as one of the most influential person in the world together the President Barack Obama. What An Accomplishment. This Time he’s having serious injuries. Two straight season, he undergoes a season ending Surgery which questioned many if Kobe can still play at high level, or worst can Kobe still get back on a basketball court. We all know Kobe is Warrior, Very high tolerance in pain. He is the best player that ever played with pain. We all know He has Back Injuries, Ankle, Feet and even playing with four fingers but Kobe sucked it up and played like Kobe. On a Recent Interview With Ahmad Rashad, Kobe Tells his stories and experiences for his past and present. He tells us his reactions to the critics and to his Current Injuries.

In 1996, the 18 year old Kobe Bryant decided to jump from High School to NBA. He was selected 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets and was later on traded to Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Vlade Divac. Jerry Buss Believes in him. He was patient enough to wait for this young man but it pays off as it was considered one of the greatest steal in NBA history. It resulted later on to 5 championships for this franchise. Kobe also has his downsides at the start of his career. Their coach Dell Harris is requesting to trade Kobe but the management refused. And after a year, Kobe was selected on All Star and able to show some skills and was compared the Michael Jordan in which at that young age told Michael “ You can’t guard me either” which shows how competitive Kobe is. That’s what makes Kobe hated by many but also loved by many and most of all, respected by many.

On 2004, Kobe was charged of Rape in Colorado which was the worst ever he faced according to Kobe. The lakers has just loss to the underdog Pistons during 2004 NBA Finals. The Lakers who were with Karl Malone, Gary Payton along With Kobe and Shaq, was shocked by the Pistons. There were lots if issues with their team. 4 stars not getting along. Phil Jackson even said Kobe was uncoachable but then the Lakers were in a position where they needed to choose Between Kobe and Shaq. But the Lakers still decided to sign Kobe to Multiple year contract and Traded away Shaq. It was a tough decision for the lakers management. They went on to miss the playoffs after that and Kobe suffered injuries which put Lakers future in danger.

After 1 year missing the playoffs, The Lakers re hired Phil Jackson and hoping could turn things around for the Lakers and for Kobe’s career. Kobe showed maturity by reaching out to Jackson to talk about all their problems, personally and for the team. They went on to improve their relationship wherein they respected each other. The Lakers improved their game but still getting upset with the results. Two straight seasons, the lakers lose in first round of the playoffs which makes Kobe upset and whining to Lakers management which was also supported by Phil Jackson. And year later, They acquired Pau Gasol in a trade to Memphis which made the lakers a contender. They reach the NBA finals that year but lose to Boston Celtics. Kobe was Awarded the season’s MVP that year. But Kobe still showed hunger for winning. And the next year Kobe showed Dominance in a game and finally silenced all critics, leading the Lakers win The NBA champions. Kobe was at the peak of his career. Endorsements coming back after losing them in 2004, He was named one of the most influential persons. Next Year, They won again and the best quote that Kobe said was “I got one more than Shaq” referring to the number of rings won, Shaq has 4 and he has 5. Simply Explains, that he can really win without Shaq.

Today, Kobe had just completed a surgery for 2 straight years. Many questioned now if he can still play. Many is hoping that he would be back and return the competitiveness in NBA. There’s really something missing without Kobe in the league. He doesn’t even know if he can still comeback but as he said, that’s what he wants to find out. That is what mae him great. He is not Afraid of failures. He is not afraid of critics, he just continues playing out there and showing him what he’s got. Kobe is expecting he could start running in 2 weeks. While The lakers are struggling and trying to rebuild, Kobe is recovering from injury and hoping could still have 1 or 2 seasons in the NBA. We will find out when that Legend steps back on the court.